2016 Monterey Wine Competition

Check out our scores from the Monterey- International wine competition.

Vintage  Placing        Wine                Score

2014         Silver            Dead Nuts              89 points  

2014         Gold              Sofa King Bueno      91 points

2014         Gold              Suite Petite             91 points

NV          Gold              Spritz & Giggles       93 points

2015         Best Rose       Pink Pedals             97 points

Many thanks to Bakersfield Magazine for writing a sweet profile on us! Can't get any nicer than "...And that's the thing. The labels may be cool and trendy, but the wine is top quality."!

You've got to love the guys at Chronic Cellars in Paso Robles. Here are two brothers, Jake and Josh Beckett, who grew up in the wine industry and launched their winery in 2008 on not much more than a hope and a prayer. It was perhaps.....

Best of Year 2015

2013 Sofa King Bueno gets 90 points from Wine Enthusiast!!


Wine Region of the Year


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