The Chronic Legend

The Beckett Brothers

The legend of Chronic Cellars dates back to 2004 when Josh and Jake Beckett combined their winemaking skills with their wit and humor to turn an idea into reality using two tons of the best – or 'chronic' – grapes to make killer wine.

Keepin' It Chronic

Growing up in Paso Robles in a wine family meant chores came in the form of washing barrels, punching down fermenting grapes and working the bottling line. Naturally, the Beckett brothers were destined to make juice.

Chronic Cellars is all about using the best, or as the brothers refer to them ‘chronic’, grapes to make seriously good wine for people who don’t take themselves too seriously. Growing up a local has its perks, like knowing all the best grape growers in Paso Robles. They’ve partnered with these neighbors and friends to build an epic network, allowing Josh to select the grapes he wants for all his custom blends.

Color Us Clever

Josh and Jake collaborated with a childhood friend and artist whose style and graphic linocuts perfectly capture their double-take vision for the brand

Over a decade later, with an arsenal of awards, Chronic Cellars continues to disrupt the wine industry with intriguing blends and off-color-yet-full-of-color labels.

The Chronic Crew



Josh followed his love of surfing to the University of San Diego where he ran a local surf shop before heading back to Paso Robles to learn the ins and outs of the industry at his family’s winery. Wanderlust lead him to Cape Mentelle Winery on Australia’s Margaret River to work harvest and then boomeranged him back to the family winery to fill the role of head winemaker, until the vision of Chronic took hold. Using grape varietals like a spice drawer, Josh crafts chronic blends with killer flavor profiles. His hands-on winemaking approach combines elevated, approachable wines with a super solid dose of adventure.



Jake’s love of anthropology took him to California State University Stanislaus, then on to adventures in Costa Rica. After college Paso Robles beckoned him home where he worked the wine cellar, and managed vineyards and sales for the family winery. Jake grows some of the Chronic grapes and oversees the vineyards, working closely with Josh during the fast and furious days of harvest. He is also the mastermind behind the clever wine names and collaborates with artist Joe Kalionzes to bring the labels to life.


Founder/General Manager

Founder, Dawn Beckett created the foundation of the Chronic Nation. She is responsible for all of the fun to be had at the tasting room, the wine club that won’t quit, and making sure all things chronic stay that way. Her creativity and vision extends to all aspects of the fun and irreverent brand.