Wine Club

Chronic Connoisseurs Club

Hang out with us and you’ll quickly become a wine connoisseur! Twice a year our winemaker selects six wines to keep you in the know. You’ll also have access to exclusive releases, member discounts, and killer branded merch. Here’s what you’ll receive: 

  • Two shipments per year (six bottles per shipment)
  • 25% off all wines
  • 25% off all logo merch
  • Access to exclusive wines
  • Exclusive invite to member-only pickup parties
  • Complimentary tastings for up to four at our tasting room
  • Complimentary cheese pairing for up to four people (once per release with 5 day advanced reservation)

By joining today you will be charged $180 (plus tax and shipping) for the Spring shipment. Wine will ship out the next available shipping day. Please call 805-591-8068 with any questions before signing up.

Sound good? Join the Chronic club!

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Current Shipment

Be sure to sign up today for our Spring shipment! Join the Club to receive the below wines.

  • 2020 General Cluster
  • 2020 The Unteachables
  • 2020 Robyn Cradles
  • 2020 Giant Oak
  • 2020 El Perfecto
  • 2020 Imperial Tannin Bomb